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Jiangxi Transport

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Airports in Jiangxi

The civil aviation in Jiangxi province has developed very fast since the founding of PRC. By now, Jiangxi has formed an aviation network which serves the city of Nanchang as the center and radiates to the city of Jiujiang, the city of Zhangshu, the city of Taihe, the city of Ji'an, the city of Jingdezhen, the city of Ganzhou in the province and other provinces in China and even Hong Kong. Besides Nanchang airport, Jiangxi still has three other airports. They are Jiujiang airport, Ganzhou airport and Jingdezhen airport.

Airliners Booking Office:

1.     Jiangxi International Aviation Service Company for Tourism,

        Address: NO.169, Fuzhou Road, Nanchang city;

        Telephone: (Home) 0791-6215891, (Abroad) 0791-6298836

2.     The division of China Civil Aviation Bureau in Jiangxi,

        Address: NO.37, Beijing West Road, Nanchang city;

        Telephone: 0791-6278246

Railway in Jiangxi

Jiangxi has five main railway lines and they are Jingjiu, Zhegan, Wangan, Yingxia, Wujiu. Besides that, it also has several feeder railways such as Hengnan, Xiangle, Fenwen, Gezhang, Zhangtang, Zhangjian, Xintai.

Railway Booking Office:

1.     Nanchang Railway Station,

       Address: Railway station, Zhanqian Road, Nanchang city;

       Telephone: 0791-26099

2.     Jiangxi International Aviation Service Company for Tourism,

        Address: NO.169, Fuzhou Road, Nanchang city;

        Telephone: 0791-6276161

Highway in Jiangxi

Jiangxi province has formed a comprehensive highway system accessible from all directions. The motorway from Jiujiang to Zhangshu which crosses the capital city Nanchang has already been completed. The Liwen motorway has also been open to traffic. Anyone who comes to Jiangxi from the 320 national highway will get on the Liwen motorway, and at last reach Nanchang city or Lu Mountain. Besides those motorways, there are six national highways cross Jiangxi province. Four of the six national highways cross Jiangxi from east to west. They are 316 national highway from Fuzhou to Lanzhou, 319 national highway from Xiamen to Chengdu, 320 national highway from Shanghai to Ruili in Yunnan province, and 323 national highway from Ruijin to Lancang in Yunnan province. The other two national highways cross Jiangxi from north to south. They are 105 national highway from Beijing to Zhuhai, and 206 national highway from Yantai to Shantou.

Bus station:

Nanchang long distance bus station,

Address: NO.199, Bayi Road, the city of Nanchang,

Telephone: 0791-6214969

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