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The world-famous Haining tides are called a "marvelous spectacle in this world". The scenic is "unparalleled spectacle", described by Su Dongpo, a well-known poet in Song Dynasty.

Haining Tide-watching tourist Zone

Haining tide, or Qiantang Tidal Bore, is a splendid and amazing natural phenomenon of the earth, which has been famous all over the world and considered as a “marvelous spectacle in this world". Owing to the attractions between the sun and the moon and the earth, the centrifugal pull caused by the rotation of the Earth and the unique landform of the entrance of Qiantanjiang River, Haining tidal waves appear twice a day. The interval of these two tide-waves is usually 12 hours.

There is enough chance for watching the tide every year and autumn is considered the best season The spring tide appears from January 1st to the 15th and the 15th to the 20th of every month according to the lunar calendar. The traditional "tide watching day" is set on August 18th in lunar calendar. On that day, Haining is usually immersed in a joyful festive mood. People gather together, holding ceremonies to thank for the harvest and pray for safety and happiness of next year. Watching the tidal waves on the day has also long been a custom in the city. Besides local people, many tourists from all over the world also gather in Haining on the day to enjoy the spectacular scene of tidal waves and the traditional atmosphere of "tide-wave watching festival".         

Accommodation:Haining is not a big city, so its hotels are mainly built near the train station, and they are almost of medium or small size. Tourists usually take the train back to Shanghai or Hangzhou after the one-day tour in Haining for the short distance between them. Nevertheless, about 13 hotels of high quality have been set up during these years in Haining, among which the prices of each standard room range from ¥140 RMBto ¥220 RMB per day. Some economical rooms are also available, which just costs ¥25BRM each per day.

Foods:Haining foods are mainly of Zhejiang flavor, which can be found no matter in the high-class restaurants or on the stands beside the streets. Haining watermelon, the best fruit to have in summer, has got a long and favorable reputation throughout the country. It is famous for the rich juice, thin peel, and sweetness. While in winter, tasting the delicious braised mutton should be a very good choice.   

Shopping:Haining has a good environment for shopping. With over 70 years of leather manufacture, Haining is honored as “home of leather” and “city of furriery”. So the Zhejiang Leather Clothing Section, which is to the opposite of the train station, should be one of the destinations for tourists.

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1.Railway With Shanghai-Hangzhou Railway going through the city, Haining railway station has become the largest station on this line. There are 17 trains going between Haining and Hangzhou every day and 18 trains between Haining and Shanghai. Trains are also available from Haining to many other big cities such as Ningbo, Wenzhou, Zhenjiang, Nanjing, Hefei, Pingxiang, Ganzhou, Hengyang, Wuhan, Guangzhou, and Guiyang and so on. 2.Bus transport It takes just one hour to drive from Haining to Shanghai and Hangzhou as the Shanghai-Hangzhou Highway and the 320 National Highway going through the city. The river in the city is connecting to the Jinghang Grand Cannal, which makes it easy to transport goods between Haining and its neighboring cities.

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