Lanxiu(beauty embracing) Garden

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Lanxiu Garden is a park mainly attractive for its corridor of the amazing tablet-inscriptions of different sizes. The western part of the park was designed in the style of ancient Qing-Dynasty buildings, which houses the memorial hall of Puhua(or Pu Zuying), a famous painter in the late Qing Dynasty, the founder of Shanghai Painting stream. On the corridors there are 84 tablet inscriptions of great value. Some of them are regarded as “a wonder of Chinese handwriting”, most of which were composed by the famous Chinese calligraphers and painters of different Dynasties such as Wen Zhengming, Zhao Zhiqian, He Shaoji, Wu Changshuo, Ren Bonian etc.  The eastern part of Lanxiu Garden is the area of landscape; it features the Lingxiang Pavilion, the Sanguo Pavilion and the Fishing Pool. The Sanguo Pavilion was built in honor of Su Dongpo, a great Chinese poet, who had been to the Benjue Temple for three times. The Wenxing Bridge here is also worth visiting; it was built at the end of Qing Dynasty. A special street named Ming-Qing Street between the southern and the northern part of the park is full of Arts and Crafts of the Ming &Qing Dynasties styles. Even the buildings there were designed just as those of Ming & Qing Dynasties and replaced from Jiaxing city. Stop in the Ming-Qing Street with ancient houses and numerous interesting commodities including some antiques and Jiaxing specialties, you can definitely find something worthy to buy.

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take bus NO.12 in the city

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