Mos Manor

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Mo’s Manor is located in Danghu Town in Pinghu City of Jiaxing City’s county-level City in China’s Zhejiang Province, boasting a history of 300 years. It’s an important heritage site under state protection as well as a hot tourist resort and teenagers education base. Mo’s Manor used to be the residence of a merchant prince called Mo Fangmei in the Qing Dynasty. Mo’s Manor covers an area of 4,800 square meters, containing over 70 tenements which are surrounded by fire walls of 6 meters high, which is a typical enclosed timber-structure manor architectural complex. The construction of the manor took about three years. In Mo’s Manor, you can know about history, increase knowledge and receive Enlightenment.

In Mo’s Manor, there are three gardens scattered, flowers, trees, pools, alleys, stones in lakes, forming picturesque scenery. The elegantly carved beam eaves manifest the characteristics of ancient Chinese buildings. For furnishings, Mo’s Manor boasts ancient furniture, calligraphy and painting, household utensils and antiques. It has everything that one expects to find, including ancestral hall, counting house, drawing room, family hall for worshipping the Buddha, sedan hall, main hall, back hall, hall balcony, reading room and bedroom.

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How to Get There?
Take No. 1 bus from Pinghu west bus station, and then get off at Nanmen station and it takes 10 minutes on foot to arrive there.

Ticket Price:
20 yuan per person

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Address: Danghu Town, Nanhu City (平湖市当湖镇)

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