The South Lake

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The South Lake in Jiaxing is one of the three famous lakes of Zhejiang, and the other two are the West Lake in Hangzhou and the East Lake in Shaoxing. The charming lake, the clear water, the gentle willows, the green lotus, the beautiful boats and the cultural relics of Chinese revolution have attracted millions of tourists every year. There are two beautiful islands in the lake, one of which is just in the mid-lake, facing the other one in the northeast, just like an affectionate couple missing each other. On the middle island, there is a famous tower named Yanyu(smog and rain) Tower, In the Qing dynasty, not only had the emperor Qian Long come and visited the South China for six times, and   reached the Yanyu Tower for eight times but also he had imitated a Yanyu Tower in Chengde summer mountain villa. Yanyu Tower is in its best between spring and summer especially when it is raining softly. With five pillars, the two-storey tower looks beautiful and bright in the heart of the lake.

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The South Lake is easy to get to from Jiaxing either by bus or by taxi within ¥5RMB.

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