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Jiaxing Local Products:

Water Chestnut Of South Lake

Ancient people of South Lake discovered this kind of special Water Chestnut more than 5000 years ago, and they began to use and develop its productivity from then on. The extremely sweet Water chestnut of South Lake has distinctive appearance, rich juice, thin peel, and fresh smell, which make it different from other kinds of water chestnut and become one of the most popular local specialties in Jiaxing.

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Blue Embroidery Cloth

Blue Embroidery Cloth is a kind of blue and white cloth embroidered with beautiful decorative patterns by hand. Many people are fond of it for the unique designs, the favorable colors, the comfortable texture, especially for the hand-made patterns: simple but creative and pretty.

Pinghu Watermelon

Pinghu is the principal watermelon-planting area in Zhejiang province, and it has been famous for its sweet watermelon and the history of over 360 years. Honored as the Best Watermelon in Southern China, Pinghu watermelon wins its nationwide fame for the high content of sugar, juiciness, fine pulp and thin rind. Every year, millions of tons of Pinghu watermelons are exported to faraway places including Hongkong, Macau, and Southeast Asia. A special trade area has been established in the city’s agricultural byproduct wholesale market. While in trade peak, the whole trade volume in the area surpasses 100 tons per day.

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Hangbai Chrysanthemum

Tongxiang County has long been honored as “Home of Hangbai chrysanthemum”. People discovered the wonderful characteristics of this kind of Chrysanthemum and began to make Hangbai Chrysanthemum tea as early as in 1920s. This tea is fabulous because it is marvelous in color, smell, taste, and shape, which is considered as good as Dragon Well tea of West Lake. Hangbai Chrysanthemum Tea is slightly sweet and very refreshing. Not only does it have a cooling effect on the body, but also it can improve cloudy vision and gradually reduce liver inflammation. This kind of tea can even remove the fever, haleness the spleen and stomach and lower blood fat.

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