Great Wall Museum

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"The great Great wall" as the primary exhibition is composed four sections: the Great Wall in Chun & Qiu and Zhanguo period (a period of chaos, battling warlords and endless warfare); the Great Wall in Qing and Han Dynasty (a period of unification and prospering); the Great Wall in Sui, Tang, Liao and Jing Dynasty (a period of power and splendor in all areas: economic, political and cultural development), and the Great Wall in Ming Dynasty (a declining period facing severe invasions from Mongolia and coastline neighboring countries).

It is a showcase of 50-year archeological and anthropological research and findings on the 3000 years old Great Wall that stretches out 10,000 li (or 5,000 kilometers) and its dramatic historical status and relevance.

The multi modality exhibition, including charts, modes, illustrations, texts and diagrams, provides abundant and valuable data and information for researchers and investigators; at the same time it offers an interesting, integrated and knowledgeable tour for visitors to learn and appreciate the greatness, significance and the historical value of the Great Wall.

The Great Wall Museum is indeed a live-textbook of the Great Wall.

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By bus or by taxi, get off at the stop of Xinhua Departments Store.

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8:30-12:30,14:30-18:30 (for summer and autumn);8:30-12:00, 14:30-18:00 (for winter and spring)

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