Jinan Hongye Valley Ecology and Culture Scenic Spot

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The wild smoke trees are not only the major views but also exclusive ornamental trees in the scenic area. At an altitude of 500 meters around, the average temperature of the valley is usually lower than that of the city proper. With obvious mountain microclimate, the vegetation covers 97% of the valley. The amount of negative oxygen ion in the air is 300 times than that of city proper. So the valley is called a “natural oxygen bar”. Constructed against the green hills and beside famous springs, the valley is built into a natural and peaceful ecological garden with hills and water setting off each other, springs, waterfalls, and singing water birds, through afforestation and construction of reservoirs. The shady trees and verdant green hills are reflected in the water. In spring, the wild mountain flowers are in their full bloom. In autumn, the cool weather of the valley makes people feel comfortable and refreshing. In the late autumn, the tree leaves turn red and when the breeze blows, the red leaves like weaves flowing every where. When winter falls on, the plum trees blossom splendidly braving snow and frost. Richly endowed by nature, the red leaves all over the hills in autumn make a beautiful natural landscape. Within the scenic area, historical sites such as, Hiding Soldiers Cave, Walking Horse Terrace, Zhulao Nunnery, and Xingjiao Temple can be traced. During the construction of the valley, Zhulao Nunnery and Xingjiao Temple Scenic Spots are restored. Various plants belonging to rose family are planted in the valley, such as cuckoo, plum and maple. So special gardens are formed, such as, cuckoo garden, plum garden, maple garden, rosebush garden, and vine garden.Tianqu garden has come into being where birds are raised. Xuanqiu Lake is made when the dams are built. Some recreational projects are ready for the tourists, such as Tree Houses and Mysterious Xiangbala. Far away from the hustle and bustle of the city, Hongye Valley is not only an ideal tour destination for relaxation and recreation but also a wonderful summer resort.

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Take the special tourism bus at the terminal of Bus No.88, the provincial gym center. The bus starts at 8:00am and returns at 4:00.Or take the special tourism bus at Jie Fangqiao Bus Stop, the terminal of Bus No.5. It takes the bus driver 35 minutes to Hongye Valley.

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