Paomaling Wildlife Park

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The Paomaling Wildlife Park is located 40 kilometers to the southeast of downtown Jinan.. With an average elevation of more than 700 meters and the highest elevation of nearly 900 meters, it has a forest covered area of over 3000 hectares. Connected with the roads of many places including Taiwu, it is conveniently located and extends in all directions. With abundant tourist resources, it together with Four Gates Pagoda, Wohushan Scenic Area, Jingxiuchuan Scenic Area, Qixingtai Botanical Garden, makes a ring-shaped tourist belt of the southern mountainous district.

In the scenic area, animals live in harmony with nature. The total planned area is over 10000 acres with the wildlife park of 3000 acres and forest park of 3000 acres. It is devided into five parts, namely, Integrated Service Area, Pedestrian Area, Herbivores Area, Forest Area, and Bandersnatch Area. There are more than 10000 precious wild animals and birds. It has a total construction area of 10, 0000 kilometers and nearly a hundred scenery spots. The whole park is built by adjusting measures to local conditions. It is cleverly designed and has a rational layout. All of those give prominence to the theme of the park, deep and serene nature along with magnificent and beautiful ecology.

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It is located in the northeast of Jinan, 40 km from downtown.

How to Get There?

1. You can take the bus No. 4, 35 or 88 to get there.

2. You can take the Paomaling Special Vehicle in the long distance bus station.

Ticket Price:

80 yuan per person in the peak season, and 60 yuan in the low season

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