Shandong Provincial Museum

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Built in 1954, Shandong Provincial Museum is the first provincial comprehensive museum majoring in local history after the foundation of New China. It is the collecting center of the cultural relics and natural specimens. 210,000 cultural relics and specimens are kept there, which is about a third of the collections in Shandong Province. Among them, there are 3 national level antiques, 1388 Grade One cultural relics of the state, and 120, 000 books.

The main collections are cultural relics including skulls and fossilized teeth of Yiyuan ape man. More than 5000 carapace-bone-scripts of Shang Dynasty are kept in the museum, making Shandong the province which owns the most carapace-bone-scripts in China. Bamboo slips of West Han Dynasty unearthed in Yinqueshan Mountain is regarded as one of the ten archeological discoveries of China in this century. Besides, fossil specimens such as the previous Giant Shandong Dragon are stored there.

With abundant collections and modern display methods, Shandong Provincial Museum has taken a new look before people's eyes and showcases the charm of Qilu culture. In addition, the magnificent and elegant buildings, which reflect the combination of the ethical feature and modern art, have become a great tourist attraction.

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It is situated in the No.14, Jingshiyi Road.

How to Get There?

You can take bus No. K54,  K68, and 64 to get there.

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Opening Hours:

1. 8:30-12:00 and 14:30-18:00 from Tuesday to Friday

2. 9:00-16:00 on weeekends

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