Wufeng Mountain

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Located in Changqing County, Jinan City, Wufeng Mountain is an attractive scenery area of the national level golden travel line named "One Mountain, One River, and One Saint". Since ancient time, Wu fen Mountain, together with Taishan Mountain and Lingyan had been called as “Three Mountain in the middle of Lu". It is a branch range of Tai Mountain, the highest peak of which is 395 meters high above the sea-level. There are five beautiful peaks, Yingxian Peak, Wangxian Peak, Huixian Peak, Zhixian Peak and Qunxian Peak, which gives this mountain the name.
Wufeng Mountain belongs to sub-humid continental monsoon climate, featuring four distinct seasons, little rainfall and snow, short spring, hot wet summer, cool autumn and frigid long winter. It is a famous taoism holy land with a long history. According to the inscription on the tablet, it was opened in the Qin Dynasty, developed during the Jin and Yuan Dynasties and reached the zenith of her prosperity in the Ming Dynasty.

The Daoist Temple was divided into two parts, South temple and North temple. Catacombs of the six generation princes were located in the South temple, which is also known as Xuandu Temple. And there are eight scenery spots inside and outside the mountain.

With the beautiful scenery and long history, it won't disappoint you.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Wufeng Mountain, located in Changqing County, Jinan City, is 22 kilometers away from the downtown.

How to Get There?

There are buses from the Jinan Lianyun transportation center to Changqingzhifang passing by the Wufeng Mountain station.

Ticket Price:

26 Yuan

Opening Hours:

From 8:00 to 18:00

More Tips:

The best time to visit the Wufeng Mountain is from April to October .

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