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Large Intestine of Nine Turns Pig

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/6/20

The Nine Turns Pig's Large Intestine was invented by Jiu Hua Restaurant during the time of Emperor Gangue's reign in the Qing Dynasty. The owner of the Jiu Hua Restaurant was a rich merchant with the family name "Du". He owned a lot of shops in Jinan City, whose names all began with"Jiu".The restaurant was famous for cooking pork dishes, especially the"Nine Turns Pig's Large Intestine"which was braised with right seasonings. The seasonings include rare traditional Chinese medicine: amomum fruit, cardamon, and Chinese cinnamon, scallion, ginger, white sugar, soy sauce, and salt, cooking oil, and cooking wine. After the dish was done, a faint scent usually greeted the guests since chopped caraways were scattered over the bright reddish colored intestines. Fat but not greasy, the guests often had a long aftertaste over the large intestines. Once, after tasting the delicious dish, a guest named the dish"Nine Turns Pig's Large Intestine"for two reasons:one is that the owner of the restaurant had a passion for "Nine"; the other is to praise the cooks whose excellent cooking skills were equal to those of the Taoists refining "Nine Turns Elixirs". The name was so well received by the owner and the guest that it was quickly spread far and wide.