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Spiral Cake Fried in Pure Cooking Oil

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/5/23

The spiral cake is fried in peanut oil also called pure cooking oil not in animal oil. “Spiral” is the unique shape the cake takes. Developed on the basis of rolled noodles, it is a finely-made flour food. Method: Extend the rolled noodles as thin as silver threads. Roll the threads into a round-shaped cake. Half-fry and half-bake the cake in the cooking oil until it is well done. Draw the cake from its central part and make it spread over the plate. Finally scatter shredded red and green candied fruits and white sugar over the cake. The equally-sized threads of the cake are golden yellow. As a famous nosh at the banquet, the cake tastes crisp outside, tender inside, sweet and refreshing.