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Zhangqiu Roast Pork

Last updated by chinatravel at 2017/6/21

Legend has it that Zhangqiu Roast Pork was invented by the Huang Family during the late period of Ming Dynasty. The roast pork distinguishes itself for the crisp skin, tender meat and faint scent, which tastes fat but not greasy.  Method: Do not cut it into pieces or chop it after the pig is killed. Eviscerate the pig and remove its main bones and clean it. Grind pepper, salt, and various spices: star anise, cumin, amomum fruit, cardamom and tsaoko fruit into powder. Rub the power into the inside of the pig and put it into the pit of two-meter-deep. Fill the pit with broomcorn stalks or twigs of fruit trees. Light the stalks or twigs and burn the pig until its skin is black.  Take the pig out and scrape the burnt skin with a knife. Put the pig into the pit and burn it again. Then scrape and burn the pig for two times. Take the well-done pig out of the pit, scrape the burnt skin and expose the light yellow skin. With the crisp thin skin, the pork tastes really delicious and tender. The pork can be sliced or chopped. It can go with the scallions and sweet soy sauce or be braised with bean curd----which is a flavored dish.