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Jinan Transport

Last updated by david at 2017/5/16

As the capital of Shandong Province, Jian, the city of growing economic strength, boasts very convenient air, railways, highways and in-city transportation network.

Jinan Yaoqiang International Airport has opened forty-two domestic routes, one regional route, and three international routes. The airport offers flight service from Jinan City to thirty-two cities of the mainland China, Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, Jeju Island of South Korea, Bangkok of Thailand and Moscow of Russia.


1.  The Aviation Building in the downtown provides the shuttle service from 6:00-18:00 every day at intervals of one hour. The ticket fare is 15 yuan per person. Taking taxies from downtown to the airport will cost 60yuan---100yuan.

2. The inquiry phone at the airport:0531-82080777 82080999;The phone  of ticket offices:82080888(airport),86018145 96777 86018154(downtown)

There are two passenger transport stations in Jinan City:Jinan Railway Station (The Main Railway Station) and Jinan East Station. As the biggest railway station in Jinan, Jian Railway Station is at the junction of Jing-Hu Express Railway and Jiao- Ji Railway. It is 490 kilometers south of Beijing , 968 kilometers north of Shanghai , and 393 kilometers west of Qingdao . As a stopover station, the Jinan East Station is along the lines of Qingdao----Dandong, Qingdaoi----Taiyuan, and Beijing----Weihai.


1. Inquiry Numbers: 95105175 (for both stations); 0531-86012520(Jinan Railway Station); 86943693(Jinan East Station); Ticket Booking & Selling Phone: 0531-82420086 82428862 (Please buy tickets five days in advance.)

As an important exit and entrance of Shandong Province, Jinan has a very convenient highway traffic network leading to all directions. The Jing-Hu Expressway, Ji-Qing Expressway,Ji-Liao Expressway, No.104 National Highway( Beijing -Fuzhou), No.220 National Highway(Binzhou-Zhenzhou), No.308 National Highway( Qingdao - Shi Jiazhuang), and No.309 National Highway(Rongcheng- Lanzhou ) all run through the city.

The pattern of highway passenger transport in Jinan feature“concentration in the central part of the city;distribution in all directions.” The passenger transport bus stations in Jinan include: Jinan Long Distance Bus Station, Through Transport Bus Station, Jinan Long Distance Passenger Transport Center, Luokou Bus Station, and East Coach Station, among which the Jinan Long Distance Bus Station and the Through Transport Bus Station are the main ones.

Tips: Phone Numbers for Ticket Booking: 85818369 96369(Jinan Long Distance Bus Station); 86910789(Through Transport Bus Station)


Inner city roadway network in Jinan has connected the downtown areas with the towns in the suburbs。It’s very convenient for Jinan people to tour both the scenic spots and the bustling shopping areas. The deluxe air conditioning buses and regular buses are available, both of which are automated collection buses. The regular bus fare is 1 yuan per person. The deluxe air conditioning buses with bus numbers starting with letter K charge 2 yuan per person. The buses which charge 2 yuan per person also include the buses for special touring routes, such as No.66Tour Bus and No.68 Tour Bus, sightseeing buses and K51


The taxi drivers in Jinan provide 24- hour service. They can easily be found at airports, railway stations, Hotels and restaurants. The new standard of taxi fares in Jinan has been made: With the additional 1 yuan for the temporary rise in the gasoline price, the taxies with 1.6-liter gasoline engines charge 7 yuan for the first 3 kilometers and beyond that 1.5yuan per kilometer. The taxies with 1.8-liter gasoline engines charge 9 yuan for the first 3 kilometers. The free waiting time is five minutes.