The site of Huangnitou porcelain kiln

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Located behind the Huangnitou Primary School, east of Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province, the Site of Huangnitou Porcelain Kiln is the most representative kiln site from Five Dynasties (CE 907-960) to Northern Song Dynasty (CE 960-1127). The unearthed cultural relics such as potteries with green enamel, potteries with white enamel, flatware, bowls, pots etc, are both well-preserved and abundant.

It is nice place for scholars of porcelain and pottery to explore and get a better understanding of the workmanship. There are numerous shards of porcelains and potteries, kiln furniture with colored and cut flower decoration, which comes from Five Dynasties to Song Dynasty. 

A Brief of Huangnitou Porcelain Kiln Site

The ancient kiln site shares a history of more than 1,000 years with a total area of more than 13,000 square meters. It is 148 meters long from east to west and 90 meters width, more than 10 meters height from north to south. It divides into two parts: The West Stack and The East Stack.

The West Stack is mainly consists of green-glazed porcelains, white-glazed porcelains and kiln setters and supports. While the East Stack is mainly consists of the relics from Southern Dynasty such as pots and jars. These old potteries and porcelains are both delicate and worth having a visit.


This kiln site is located around 15 kilometers east of the “City of Porcelain”, Jingdezhen City, Jiangxi Province. It enjoys a prime location, which only 280 meters long from the Road Jingdezhen-Wuyuan. Visitors, especially those who are very interested in porcelain and pottery can easily get access to it and have a good stay there.

Top Things to See

The Traditional Workmanship of Porcelain

As the City of Porcelain, there are still potters those who very good at making porcelain and pottery of different sizes and shapes. Visitors can even have a view of the whole manufacturing processes of porcelain, which totally work by potters with the ancient equipment.

It is amazing that the painters here can draw a picture with colorful flowers or something beautiful in porcelain bowl, which takes only 30 seconds by hand.


Visitors can take Bus No. 5 from downtown to get access to it.


Visitors can come to have a visit from 8:00 am t0 17:00 pm.

Nearby Attractions

There are some both beautiful and famous scenic spots such as Historical Museum for Pottery and Porcelain and Longzhou Pavilion. Historical Museum for Pottery and Porcelain is a nice place to visit the cluster of buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasties and the various porcelains of different historical times in China.

Longzhou Pavilion is the former site of official kiln in Ming Dynasty, which visitors can enjoy the architectural features and the official porcelain exhibition.

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Bus No. 5 is your best choice.

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