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Jingdezhen Local Products:

Glazed Color Porcelain

It enjoys the reputation of man made precious stone because of its colorful and transparent feature. Glazed-color porcelain is burned with the metal oxide and natural ore. The red glazed porcelain is bright and magnificent; the green one is quiet and refined; the yellow one is lucid and bright; the colorful one is classical; and the crystal one is hard to describe, constantly changing into different colors and patterns.

Blue And White Porcelain

Blue and white porcelain is simple and elegant and belong to the variety of under -glazed porcelain. It has no leaden toxicity. It will never be corroded by acid and alkali, and the color will never fade. So it is called the pearl in the porcelain world. There are many kinds of blue and white porcelain including the hand-drawing one, the appliqu one, and the printing one. The Chinese or western tableware of hand-drawing blue is the best, which has won three successive championships in Leipzig International Fair, Bruno International Fair and Potsdam International Fair.

Pink Color Porcelain

It has the history of more than 300 years, and was created in late Kangxi of Qing Dynasty. It is also one of the four great traditional porcelains and characterized by the beautiful colors and the unique exquisite painting.

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