Lantian Ecotourism Scenic Area in Honghu

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There is a vast expanse of water, well-preserved ecological environment, and lush marshy weeds. Over 70 kinds of fishes swim in the lake freely; gulls and birds fly and crowd here; and there is a vast expanse of green lotus leaves dotted with some red lotus, which is a beautiful view. Besides, Xinluo section of the Changjiang River in Honghu is a state natural reserve for Chinese river dolphins. If you are lucky enough, you can find one.

Qujiawan on the bank of Honghu was ever the central section of the revolutionary base of Huan province and the west part of Hubei province. The base was founded by proletarian revolutionists of the older generation, such as, Helong, Zhouyiqun, Duandechang, etc. 39 sites in revolutionary period are kept in good condition, and this revolutionary relics complex has become a national monument.

There are tens of scenic spots here: 10-li lotus belt, 10,000-mu lotus root district, a corridor for enjoying lotus, a bridge of nine turnings, a lotus-shaped pedestal for Guanyi, lotus fairies, lovers’ rooms in Diaoyu island and its lotus source in eyot, etc. Besides, there is a 200,000-mu ecological park, 100,000-mu lotus pond, the capital of the revolutionary base of Huan province and the west part of Hubei province, a street with the flavors of Qing and Ming Dynasties.

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How to Get There?
1. Visitors can take a bus in Jinzhou Long-distance Bus Station to Fengkou Town, and then change a middle bus to Qujiawan. It takes about 4 hours and the fare is 45 yuan. 2. Visitors can also take a bus in Honghu Passenger Bus Station to Lantian Ecotourism Scenic Area directly.

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Opening Hours:
9:00 a.m.-17:00p.m.

More Tips:
1. Visitors here can eat local flavor snacks, such as, wild lotus roots, Haocai, water caltrops, salted duck eggs with red yolks, wild ducks, etc. 2. You can also buy some local special products to fiends and relatives, such as, juicy of wild lotus root, juicy of wild lotus seed, tea made of lotus leaf, all kinds of shell carving, fan made of the feathers of wild ducks, etc. 3.Recommended Time: a whole day

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