Old Residence of Zhangjuzheng

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Zhangjuzheng was born in Caoshi of Jianglin in 1525 in the reign of Wanli in the Ming Dynast. He resigned from Prime Minister post on which he had been worked for 10 years for his illness in the first year reign of Shenzhong. His house is located on today’s Zhangjiatai on the north of Taiyue Road. His tomb was built in memory of his great feats; its stone tablet is 14 feet high carved like “ this is the tomb of Prime Minister Zhangwenzhonggong” with a stone incense burner, candlesticks to sacrifice him.

There are stone figures, stone horses and other stone beasts on the both sides of a path to guard the tomb. A 3-meter earth wall is 15 meters away from the center of the tomb. It is said that the role-Yangbo in a Beijing Opera play erjinggong is him in reality because he was named as Yangbo by his elder.

Zhangjuzheng (1525-1582) is also called Shuda, Taiyue, and some emperor named him Wenzhong after his death. He was born in Caoshi of Jianglin and buried in the outside of the east gate of Jianglin city, so people called him “Zhangjianglin”. He went to school at five, could understood the meaning of the book-Liujing at seven, passed an entrance to be “xiucai” (graduate of first degree) at twelve, became a “juren” (former second degree candidate in the provincial examination) at sixteen, passed the test by emperor and was awarded the tile of “jingshi” as well as elected as “Shujishi” (it is like today’s apprentice in Hanlin Academy) at twenty-three, was promoted as “Bianxiu” (an officer in Hanlin Academy) at twenty-five, was elected as “Daxueshi” (in fact it is an official post lower than Prime Minister) into the Cabinet at 43 and he was promoted to be Prime Minster at 48.

Zhangjuzheng passed away in 1582. His political rivals regained their posts and said bad words of him. And the emperor-Shenzhong took off his post, confiscated his family possessions; his sons were captivated and relatives were exiled in remote areas. The result was that his family possessions were less than the twentieth family possessions of Yansong. Until 1630, his injustice was exonerated. Zhangjuzheng not only was wild about political reforms but also left many wide-ranging political thesis and poems with sincere emotions.  

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It is an important scenic spot in the city, so it is convenient to get there. Visitors can take bus No.1, No.12, No.18 to get there. A pseudo-classic style street is nearby.

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9:00 a.m.-16:00 p.m.

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