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Jingzhou Travel Guide

Jingzhou is a lively, sprawling and modern-day city on the banks of the Yangtze River in Hubei Province. Jingzhou has a long history of around 2400 years dating back to the Spring and Autumn Period. It was the capital of Chu State during the time. Chu was one of the six most powerful states of the Spring and Autumn The Spring and Autumn Period was a time of disunification for China, when the country was separated into many states. The separation lasted for hundreds of year and ended by Qinshihuang, China’s First Emperor, who unified the country the first time and become China’s first imperial emperor. The museum of the Terracotta Army of Qinshihuang in Xi’an has wowed the whole world when it first opened to the public. 

Jingzhou City

Jingzhou City

Total area of Jingzhou is 14,100 square kilometers, among which plains and lake districts are about 78.8%, hilly areas and low-relief terrain are 21.2% and agricultural acreage is 431,500 hectares. It is a key port city in middle reach of Changjiang River, a textile industry base in China, a production base of cottons, grains and cooking oil and it is also a fresh water fishery base. It is reputed as “a cultural area”, “a land of milk and honey” and “tourist resort”.

Jingzhou was one of the main arteries of traffic in China and a distributing center of goods and materials from time immemorial. It has good transport facilities no matter by land, by water or by air.

Jingzhou is a city with deep cultural deposits and rich historical legends. When in Jingzhou, you may hear about many famous stories happened in the period of Three Kingdoms, such as, “Liubei borrowing Jingzhou”, “Guanyu losing Jingzhou because of his carelessness”. And those stories make Jingzhou more famous.

A bridge in Changjiang River connects two parts of Jingzhou city. The River Han flows in the north part of the city. There are numerous rivers and densely covered lakes in Jingzhou. Wishui Scenic Area in Songzi, Honghu Scenic Area and Zhongshan Park in Shashi are good places for visitors.

District Number: 0716

Post Number: 434000

Jingzhou has jurisdiction over 2 districts (Jingzhou and Shashi), 3 counties (Gong’an, Jianli and Jianglin) and takes over 3 county-level cities (Songzi, Shishou and Honghu).

Jingzhou Travel Ideas

Jingzhou Transport

Shashi Airport of Jinzhou was enlarged in 1992. It is a national second-rate airport, with an airstrip of 1,800 meters. There are 15 routes to Beijing , Shanghai , Guangzhou , Shenzhen , Xiamen , etc, separately. At present booking services are not opened up here. If necessary, you can conduct in

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