Yang Familys Mansion in Tianbo

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Yang Family's Mansion in Tianbo belonged to Yang Ye, a Northern-Song-Dynasty hero who fought bravely against enemies from Liao Dynasty, originally located in northwest of the capital—Dongjing(today's Kaifeng), neighboring the Jinshui River of Tianbo Gate, thus getting its name. Considering Yang Ye's loyalty and Yang family of loyal officials for generations, Emperor Taizong who appreciated Yang's honesty, uprightness and dislike of flattery granted him a mansion beside Jinshui River as well as five million yuan to build a tower called "Qing Feng Wu Ning Tian Bo Di Shui Lou". The emperor wrote Tian Bo Yang Fu (Yang Family's Mansion in Tianbo) as a horizontal tablet to Yang Ye and declared an order that every official who passed through this mansion's gate must stop by to show due admiration.

Kaifeng, a capital of seven dynasties, is known as the hometown of Lord Bao and General Yang as early as in the Northern Song Dynasty. Heroic stories about generals of Yang Family were popular among common people in the Northern Song Dynasty. Ou Yangxiu, a famous writer of Song Dynasty, once commended Yang Ye and Yang Yezhao as follows: "Father and son are both famous generals. Their unmatched courage and wisdom are so renowned that everyone knows." Their stories have been handed down from one generation to another and become household stories. Chinese people always cherish and respect those heroic figures, ranging from Lord Bao to Generals from Yang Family.

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The loyal generals of Yang Family were the mainstays of Northern Song Dynasty, but finally were entrapped by evil officials. Popular stories, namely “the fourth son visiting the mother”, “twelve widows conquering the west”, are concerned with generals of Yang Family.

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