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Kaifeng Food

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Kaifeng Featured Food:

Water Fried Steamed Buns

Water Fried Steamed Buns is one of the famous Kaifeng snacks and available in many places. To do this dish, the ingredients must be carefully chosen: best flour, best meat, peeled raw ginger, white part of green Chinese onion, and self-made seasoning. The stuff must first be chopped by hand, even in cold winter, and then soaked in salt and soy sauce till the next day. When fried, the number of buns is fixed each time. When the buns are being fried, water mixed with thin flour is poured in, thus getting the name "water fried". But actually, the oil is also essential when frying the buns. The stuff is mixed with sesame oil, and the pan bottom is also filled with sesame oil, so the done buns smells delicious even from a distance. Moreover, the done buns taste crisp and very delicious.

Braised Dongpo Pork With Bree

Braised Dongpo Pork with Bree is one of the most famous dishes of Kaifeng. It is cooked as follows: boiling the pork until it is 80% done, peeling half of the skin of the pork, cutting the peeled pork into cubes, steaming the cubes together with winter bamboo shoots, dried mushrooms, salty water, oil, and cooking wine, pouring the steamed pork into a bowl, removing the floating oil, finally adding some bree to the bowl. This dish is characterized by the tender meat and delicious soup.

Almond Tea

Originally, Almond Tea Tea was given away from the imperial palace to the common people. This snack chooses the fine Almond Tea powder as the main ingredient, and then adds boiling water that is boiled in a dragon-phoenix-patterned bronze pot to the powder, finally takes Almond Tea, peanut, sesame seeds, rose, osmanthus, raisin, Chinese wolfberry, cherry, and sugar as seasoning. The tea looks colorful, tastes delicious and contains much nutrition.

Fried Dumpling

Kaifeng Fried Dumpling is a well-known snack. Daoxiangju Restaurant’s Fried Dumpling is famous for its carefully-chosen ingredients, delicate production and good taste.

Four Treasures Cooked In Nested Doll Style

This dish that combines the tastes of duck, chicken, pigeon, and quail together is famous as the top dish of Yu Dishes. It takes much time and skill to cook this dish, for the four birds should first become bone free and then covered one by one with intact skins. So the successful dish should exhibit the intact shapes of the four birds. When presented, the dish is held in a delicate china pot. You can see a whole duck floating in the soup of appealing color and smell.