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Kaifeng Shopping

Kaifeng Local Products:

Bian Embroidery

Bian Embroidery is famous for its excellent reproduction of ancient pictures. Going Upriver for Qingming Festival is the representative that combines elegance and exquisiteness. Bian is the short name of Kaifeng city. Actually Bian Embroidery (Kaifeng Embroidery) has a long history of over 800 years. It can trace back as early as the Northern Song Dynasty in the 10th century AD. At that time, there was a special department in the imperial palace including hundreds of workers making embroidery for the emperor. In 1950s the Kaifeng Embroidery Factory made a big piece of work Qingming Riverside View and sent it to the central government. Now it is still kept in People's Hall in Beijing city. The representatives of Kaifeng Embroidery include Qingming Riverside View, Five oxes, people's portraits, famous paintings and so on. Nowadays people can also visit the workshop to see how the workers make the embroidery . Every piece of work there is made by hands, no machines are used there.

Bianliang Watermelon

More pulp but less seeds, sweet, perfect summer heat reliever, that refers to the famous Bianliang Watermelon. Bianliang refers to Kaifeng city, as it was named Bianliang in ancient times. From this point of view we can see that the watermelons in Kaifeng have been famous throughout this area for a very long time. Nowadays in Kaifeng city watermelons can be provided all though the year, not only in summer but also in winter. Kaifeng watermelons are famous for its thin peel, more pulp, very sweet and tasty. It is widely loved by all the local people as well as tourists. In the Northern Song dynasty people in Kaifeng began to grow watermelons and on the famous painting Qingming Riverside View, some people eating watermelons along the street can be observed. The climate in Kaifeng is extremely favorable to watermelons and it has been one of the important cash crops to the local farmers.

Peanut Cake

Peanut is a very important cash crop for the local farmers and it is widely grown in this area. In ancient times people in Kaifeng began to make peanut cakes and it gradually became a popular kind of snack in the imperial palace. It was first made in the Northern Song dynasty in the 10th century AD and until now has a long history of almost 1000 years. The main material of this food is peanut, and combined with sugar and other nuts. As it is very cheap and easily made, it has become a kind of very popular food in Kaifeng city. It can be made into different flavors and is favored by people of all ages.

Zhuxian Town New Year Picture

Zhuxian Town New Year Picture
As one of the four most famous towns in the Ming and Qing dynasties of Chinese history, Zhuxian Town is well-known for its wood engraving New Year painting. This kind of art first appeared in the Tang dynasty in the 7th century AD, then largely developed in the Song dynasty and developed to its peak period in the Ming and Qing dynasties. The contents of these paintings are various, such as historical stories, legends, fairy tales and so on. Especially after the founding of People's Republic of China, this folk art has been widely developed and taken seriously by the local government to promote the economy. Whenever there are important festivals, especially the Chinese New Year, all the Chinese families will put this kind of paintings on their doors for happiness, good luck, health and so on.

Spiced Bean Curd

The Spiced Bean curd in Kaifeng city is mainly from Zhuxian Town, which is a town with a long history and one of the four most famous towns in China in the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is believed that the spiced bean curd was first made in the Warring States period over 2000 years ago. The Spiced Bean Curd in Kaifeng is made with more than ten different materials. However, the main material is soybean, which is widely grown in this area, combined with spring water, pepper, ginger, clove, and various different nuts. When it is finished, it is of oily and black crust, of brown flesh, fresh and delicious. It is very cheap and as a result has widely spread in this area.


Located in the Northern Section of Zhongshan Street and established in 1961, Kaifeng City Antiques Store is in the charge of Culture Bureau of Kaifeng City. It collects, identifies, protects and sells antiques.Including: pottery, bronze, painting, calligraphy, rubbing from stone inscription, enamel, lacquer ware, jade ware, jewels, bamboo and wood carving, tobacco pipe, etc

Kaifeng Shops and Stores:

Da Xiangguo Si Market

Located in the downtown area of Kaifeng city, the Daxiangguosi Market has always been a very popular market since the Northern Song dynasty. The present one was first built in 1988. Nowadays it is mainly a market for the local people to buy different things, such as clothes, general merchandise, hardware, electronic materials, computers, cellphones, radios, cases, stationeries, grains, appliances, and so on. Compared with other big supermarkets in Kaifeng city, everything here is cheaper, but cheaper service and quality too. However, it is a good place for the visitors to come and learn about the common people's life.

Renmin Department Store

The Kaifeng Remin Department store is located in the downtown area of Kaifeng city. It is a state-owned department store with a long history and good reputation. And it has always been a first place that comes to local peoples mind when they want to buy something. As a popular place among the local people, inside there are mainly merchandise retailing, supermarkets, clothes, appliances, electronics, and so on. However it is more famous for its clothes, good quality and good price.

Sihou Street

Located on the east of the Drum Tower Square, Sihou Street is a very popular commercial street in Kaifeng city both for local people and tourists. On the two sides of the street there is a KFC as well as a Mc Donald. Further more, the Diyilou Restaurant is also located here. There are many small shops selling different clothes, expensive but very good quality. It is a very good place for visitor to take a walk.