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Kaili Food

Last updated by jasmine at 2017/11/13

Almost all food of Kaili is featured sour flavor. Kaili people are fond of sour food, regardless age and gender. Every family is equipped with a lot of altars used to pickle various kinds of food, such as pickled vegetable, pickled fish and pickled meat. The representative dishes are: Pickled Fish in Kaili Style, Sour Fish Soup with Chili and Pepper and Stewed Congjiang Mini Pig with Sour Sauce.

Kaili Featured Food:

Stewed Congjiang Mini Pig With Sour Sauce

Congjiang Mini Pig is a kind of pig produced in Congjiang (a small county of Kaili) exclusively. As it is raised in the mountainous area with high altitude and low temperature all year round, Congjiang Mini Pig grows short and small with the maximum weight of five kilogram. The pork is tasted delicate and springy. Miao ethnic people stew the Congjiang Mini Pig with sour soup and kidney bean, which makes the dish fragrant, pure, and delicate.

Sour Fish Soup With Chili And Pepper

It is the exclusive dish of Miao Ethnic people in Kaili. It is featured sour flavor and peppery taste, which gives people a good appetite. Firstly, Miao ethnic people cook a natural sour and hot soup with Zaolajiao (a kind of exclusive chili sauce of Guizhou province), many kinds of nutritious local medicine herbs and tomatoes. And then stew fresh fish in the soup. After that, put some soybean sprout, bamboo shoot and wild shallot in the soup, which adds more local flavor to the dish.

Pickled Fish In Kaili Style

It is the traditional food of Dong ethnic people. The main ingredient is the fresh fish caught from the Liujiang River, the mother river of Kaili people. People pickle the fish in altar with tomato and pepper for half a year. When the pickled fish has done, it looks like carbon externally and the flesh of the fish is delicate and tasted as plum. The fishbone is softened as if there is no fishbone.

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