Kaili Ethnic Minorities Museum

Written by Vivian Updated Jul. 26, 2021

Kaili Ethnic Minorities Museum, via its collection of handicrafts, written documents, paintings, and other works of folk art provides a broad, representative introduction to the history, demographics, and customs of the various ethnic minorities that make up the multi-cultural patchwork that is the southeastern part of present-day Guizhou Province.

The museum, which itself is a work in progress, will have 11 exhibition halls when it is completed. Currently, there are only 4 exhibition halls open to the public, of which the Minority Customs Hall and the Dragon Boat Hall are the most noteworthy.

If you are a first-time visitor to this unique part of Guizhou Province, with little or no knowledge of the ethnic diversity that permeates life here, then, by all means, a stop at Kaili Ethnic Minorities Museum will provide invaluable information in helping you to understand the patchwork of ethnic cultures present in this region of the province. The first floor of the museum consists of a furniture display where one may enter casually, without purchasing a ticket. If intrigued, the visitor may purchase a ticket that is valid for the second and third floors, which contain the exhibition halls currently open to the public.

In Kaili, take bus No.1 and get off at Wanbo. Alternatively, if you are up to a pleasant, 10-minute walk, you can easily reach the museum from the main traffic intersection in Kaili.

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