Livestock Market

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New the center of Kashgar city, the Sunday livestock market is a fantastic place to buy and sell various livestock and also a great attraction of Kashgar. Every Sunday vehicles of all kinds, cars, trucks, bikes and even donkey carts just pour into the market bringing buyers and sellers from all over the province and livestock of any breed that are known to man.

Small groups of men greet each other at the market; they then go on inspecting and picking animals, and inevitably haggling with great passion before purchasing. There are designated spaces for each type of livestock in the fenced fields, although quite often there may be unlicensed sheep dealers very active alongside the road. There are wide range of selection of sheep, cattle, and donkeys, whereas there are fewer choices for horses. Livestock buyers, somewhat like automobile buyers, are able to take the selected donkeys, horses, or camels for a test drive at the back of the market.

Animal sales are just one part of the Livestock Market, while there are also bakeries shops, food stalls and snack vendors piling up alongside the roads. There are piles of melons, fresh tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and various other fruit and vegetables that one can name, smiling at the passer-by and awaiting to be taken home. There are several blacksmith stands on the side if your horse or donkey needs a new pair of clevis. It is quite a scene that men sit in a row having their beards shaved or hair cut at the outdoor temporary barbershop near the entrance of the market.

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The livestock market takes place every Sunday a short distance from the center of Kashgar.

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For free.

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During the day time of Sunday.

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