Mahmud Kashigari Tomb

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Mahmud Kashigari, a highly respected scholar during the Karakhanid Dynasty, was very well known for his linguistic magnum opus-The Complete Turkish Dictionary. After died at the end of the eleventh century, he was buried on a hillside, which later named Aizretemaojim" or "Hill of Saint" in his hometown to commemorate his great achievement.

There is a cemetery and the Libai Temple around his tomb. The giant portrait of Mahmud Kashigari together with every edition of his great work - The Complete Turkish Dictionary is displayed in the memorial right inside the cemetery. The Golden Water Spring behind the cemetery flowing down the Hill of Saint, and the "Spring of Wisdom" beside the Libai Temple close to the front entrance of the cemetery are quite a scene to visit. The antique poplars, that were said to be planted by Mahmud Kashigari over 900 years ago, are still standing majestically beside the "Spring of Wisdom" today. The scene with exuberant trees, flowing springs and singing birds resembles so much of the ancient times that you may well lose your sense of spatio-temporal being.


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It is situated 45km southwest of Kashgar city.

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