Zhiren Street

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The Zhiren Street is the most characteristic and unique place showing off the distinctive customs and cultures of Kashgar of Xinjiang. There are many full-time handicraftsmen working on the street and it is hence also called the Handicraft Street, with hundreds of workshops and booths alongside. It is regarded as an exhibition hot-spot for the famous traditional Kashgar as well as mid-Asian handicrafts.

Among the collection there is the delicately-worked national cap, the ancient national embroidery, the resplendent jewelry, the antique woodwork, the dated pristine crockery, the lofty red copper, the fine workmanship instrument, the rich-colored and soft A De Lai silk… They possess great historical values, are rarely found in other places in the region, and hence become one of the favorite spots of visitors.

With an ever fast-changing world that we are living in today, it is amazing to see the Zhiren Street, its live handicrafts and workmanship are so well preserved. The traditional features of Zhiren Street have attracted more and more tourists home and abroad. It is an unforgettable tour that takes into the fabulous folklore history and lets you experience the customs and traditions of Uighur.


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You can bargain while buying in the bazaar, but here is an important attention that: If you can not get the low price and plan to quit, please put your right hand on your heart and say "Thank you! But I will not buy it." Don not disrespect our own minority brethren.

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