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For people who are in search for something unique and special, the Birds and Flowers Market in Kunming, Yunnan Province is the place to be. Yes, this is the perfect destination for tourists who want to satisfy their hankering for some shopping. It is where they can find one-of-a-kind items which they can bring home with them. It is also the best place to find trinkets which will serve as the memoire for their special trip.

This may be a popular place for tourists but this is also frequented by locals, even those who are from nearby provinces. It is because the place explodes with a myriad of products which can only be found in this place. Most are locally grown and produced by people within Yunnan Province though there is a few which are imported from nearby locations.

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When the Birds and Flowers Market is mentioned, the first thing that comes into people’s mind is shopping. True enough, this really is a place where people would be able to see a whole lot of things. 

Like what the name suggests, there are a lot of merchants here who sell different types of birds. Some already come with cages that have elaborate designs. For the budget conscious, they can also buy birds with simpler cages so they price will go lower. If the buyer already has a cage at their place, they can opt to have the birds placed in temporary cages that are made of woven natural materials. That way, they could take their new pet home and then dispose the temporary cage afterwards. 

Aside from various species of birds, there are also other pets which can be purchased from Birds and Flowers Market. There are fishes, turtles and different types of rodent pets. What makes the experience even more exhilarating is the fact that the street is lined up with numerous merchants. They all have a wide array of pets to choose from. Hence, buyers have the luxury to pick the one which will definitely make their heart skip a beat.

Aside from the pets, there are also flowers in Birds and Flowers Market. It is very enjoyable to walk along the streets because the flowers which are being sold in this place serve as decorations. As people pass by, they can even see the sellers trimming, arranging and organizing the different flowers that they are selling.

The atmosphere is also filled with the fresh fragrance of the flowers. A lot of stalls are dedicated for selling flowers. The best part is that people can actually haggle for the prices, especially if they are buying in bulk. For example, if they are buying several dozens of different types or colors, then the price can be reduced. Shoppers should just be polite and charming when asking for discounts.

Aside from birds and flowers, there are a whole lot of other items which can be bought in this place. This really is the hotspot for shopping because of the pocket-friendly items and the countless products which can be bought here. There are souvenir items which are made of wood, traditional Chinese musical instruments, hand-crafted decorations, art works, clothing and a whole lot of other knick-knacks.

One of the most popular items which can be bought in Birds and Flowers Market is the water pipe. Locals use the pipe for smoking. The pipe is primarily made of metal and wood. Since locals are very creative, they also add different designs to the pipe to make them even more endearing.

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Renmin Zhong Lu, Center of Kunming City, Yunnan Province

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Take bus No. 1

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Be careful with some of the counterfeit items which can be found in this place. Though these sell at a lower price, it is best to be fully aware if the product is genuine or not.

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