Black Stone Forest(Naigu Shilin)

The Naigu Stone Forest is 13 kilometres to the north of Shilin, which is also called the Mozhai Stone Forest. 'Naigu' means black in Yi' s language, thus the 'Naigu Stone Forest' means a black stone forest. It covers an area of over 5,000 mu with a newly tapped 6-kilometre-long travel route. Compared with Shilin's stone forests, this place owns different features and styles.

In the Naigu Stone Forest, oddly-shaped stones in dark shadow pierce into the sky like angry waves, with full of power and grandeur, or stand there like frightening ancient battle fields, which may arouse visitors' all kinds of thoughts and imaginations. Some precipices are hundreds of meters high, as flat as knife-cut, some stone posts pierce into the sky, some are as big as mounds, some are like Zhuge Liang's Eight Diagram Formations, or 'Taishang Laojun in front of a pill oven', or a castle, mushroom, elephant, field, pig and goat, etc.

The rocks are ancient, simple and black, giving visitors a feeling of mystery and vastness under such a mysterious atmosphere. In the scenic area, there is an exotic and beautiful underground cave, which is called white cloud cave or crystal palace, and is belonged to underground lava topography.

The scenes inside are of different kind of shapes, such as terraced paddies, peasants' cottages, and animals and plants. Some can produce chimes with percussion. At the bottom of the mountain is the White Cloud Lake which is extraordinarily tranquil.

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