Fengping Buddhist Pagoda

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Fengping Buddhist pagoda, which is very spectacular and magnificent, is the most famous Buddhist pagoda at the area of Mangshi. The Dais call it "Guang Mun".According to historic record, it is built in 1741, during the Qing dynasty.
Fengping Buddhist pagoda is of majesty and splendor. With its ingenious structure and unique and strong ethnic characteristics, it has become the treasure of Buddhist temples of Dais.

Fengping Buddhist pagoda is 23 meters high, it is the main pagoda surrounded by other 28 small pagodas like a shining moon surrounded by little stars. Its structure is very complicated, logical, and imposing. At the lower top of all these pagodas are some beautifully wrought umbrellas. These umbrellas are fixed with silver bell, which wave and sound liquidly when it winds.

And when there are some important nationality festivals of Dais, all the people nearby will come to there to hold "Guang Mu Bai", drumming, singing, and dancing happily.

Solo Adventure Tips:


located on the right side of the road between Mangshi and Ruili, 9 kilometers far from the west of Mangshi.

How to Get There?

 Take bus from urban area to Fengping Buddhish Pagoda.

Ticket Price:

For free.

Opening Hours:

During the daytime.

More Tips:

There are some interesting Dai ethnic villages near Fengping Buddhish Pagoda which couldn't be missed.

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