Yi Ethnic Village

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Yi Ethnic Village is located in the Yunnan Ethnic Villages,which is west to the Ethnic Comity Square. In the village, customers could be guided by the special tiger signs which are carved in the walls. The distinctive “Tiger hill” shows the brilliant “Tiger culture” of the Yi people.

Tall and big Totem Poles, regularly surrounded by 10 groups of sculptures of moons and Chinese Zodiacs (It means 12 animals in Chinese traditional cultures, such as Rat, Ox, Tiger, Hare, Dragon, Snake, Horse, Sheep, Cock, Dog and Boar. And each animal has a special story and related to Chinese calendar Year) stand on the center of the grand square “Sun Calendar”.

Yi people are very good at dancing and singing. They treat guests with warmth and generosity. “Left-foot dance”, “Dasanxian (a kind of dance)” and “Women Lantern Dance” overflow with enthusiasm. And there are lots of special folk-custom activities for you to join in and to enjoy yourself.

The Torch Festival is the most special festival of the Yi people. Thousands of people come together to celebrate the festival from the sixth month 24th to 26th based on the lunar calendar each year. During these days, people will hold Archery competition, Horse racing, Bullfight, Wrestling, etc. When the night comes, everybody lights a torch and rounds in hundreds of circles and then dances together happily, which is very magnificent and impressive.

Solo Adventure Tips:


In the Yunnan Ethnic Villages, Kunming.

How to Get There?

You could take NO.44 bus to get there.

Ticket Price:

70 RMB

Opening Hours:


More Tips:

The best time to visit there is on the Torch Festival from the sixth month 24th to 26th based on the lunar calendar.

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