Yunnan Nationalities Museum

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The Yunnan Nationalities Museum is visited by people from various parts of the globe all year round. It is because this place does not only burst with so much beauty but it is also a location where much of China history and culture can be seen.

This place has made a significant mark in the world of tourism, not just in China, but also in other parts of the globe. It is recognized as among the first class museums within China which makes a lot of people very curious about it. Since its first opening in 1995, the popularity of the Yunnan Nationalities Museum escalated more and more.

Things to Do

Every single corner of Yunnan Nationalities Museum is very interesting. Its entirety sums up to 130,000 square meters. Though the place is this expansive, the area which is dedicated for exhibition is only 30,000 square meters.

When the Yunnan Nationalities Museum was established, the primary goal was to create a place which will preserve and showcase the relics and items which reflect the rich history and culture of Yunnan. More specifically, this has become a location where ethnic items are preserved.

Over the years, the museum was able to collate more then 40,000 different items which are reflective of various ethnic groups within Yunnan. There are ancient books and scriptures which serve as proof of literature that people back then used to have. There are also ethnic fine arts, carved stones and jewelries which show the impressive creativity of people. Since music has always been a part of the culture in Yunnan, there are also tribal instruments. Some of which can be dated back to ancient China.

Aside from the items which are categorized as ethnic pieces, there are 60,000 more relics and artifacts which can be seen in the Yunnan Nationalities Museum. These are things which also embody the rich history and culture of Yunnan.

The items in this exhibit are made of different materials. Mostly, there are household accessories which are made of wood. These are things which help out earlier Yunnan inhabitants when it comes to accomplishing their day to day tasks like preparing food, harvesting plants and others. There are also paintings which draw inspiration from the traditional clothing of people. Some depict the beauty that surrounds Yunnan like the land and water formations which decorate the horizon.

Because of the myriad of interesting items in Yunnan Nationalities Museum, some of these have been bought in other parts of the globe, like Russia, US, Vietnam, Finland, France and other countries. The museum has participated in more than 80 global exhibitions. The items in this museum are highly-regarded because of how old they are. Aside from that, these items give s clearer depiction of the way the earlier people lived in Yunnan.

The surrounding areas of Yunnan Nationalities Museum are also decorated with flourishing grasses, flowers and trees. After exploring what the interior of the museum has to offer, spending some time outdoors, it is also a good idea to allocate a few minutes to walk around the area.

There are spots where people can stop by to rest and enjoy the scenic view that surrounds them. The weather within the Yunnan Nationalities Museum is pleasant even during the summer months. Since it is within the Dian Lake National Tourist Holiday Resort, the air is breezy and the temperature is generally friendly.

Solo Adventure Tips:


Dianchi Road, Xishan, Kunming , Yunnan, China

How to Get There?

take No.24 and No.44 bus, or walk forward several minutes from Yunnan Nationalities Village.

Ticket Price:

10 CNY

Opening Hours:

9:00 am to 5:00 pm, Tuesdays to Sundays only

More Tips:

Since the Yunnan Nationalities Museum is a place which holds both contemporary and folk items, it is interesting to observe the differences and similarities of items from the different eras.

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