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For people who are looking for a place which will satisfy their knack for ancient Chinese tradition and history, the Yunnan Provincial Museum is a good place to visit. The popularity of this museum became unstoppable since it opened in 1951. This is a place that is dedicated as home for more than 156,000 relics and historical items.

The different sections of the museum are devoted for certain classification of artifacts. Each item is authenticated according to the material that was used in its creation and the period during which they are created. Hence, a walk inside the Yunnan Provincial Museum is like going to different points in history.

Things to Do

For people who are visiting the Yunnan Provincial Museum, they should spend at least half a day for the tour. That way, they could take their time to scrutinize each section.

Aside from the historical items, there are also pieces which are categorized as cultural objects, ancient handicrafts, creations of ethnic minorities, bronzes and a whole lot of others.

Stone Tools

The earliest hominid fossil which is found within Asia is also displayed in the Yunnan Provincial Museum. This is authenticated to have originated about 1.7 million years ago. It was in 1965 when the stone tools were recovered. It was in the Yuanmou site where these were found. Since its discovery, scientists and researchers were able to push their studies about earlier primates much further. These tools revealed a lot of new things regarding the past.

Bronze Era Pieces

During the Bronze Era, the creation of people primarily used this highly durable metal. This was the point when they learned how to mold and shape bronze to be able to construct tools for day to day living, musical instruments, weapons, household items and a whole lot more.

There are exhibited items which came from the Warring States to the Western Han Period. Some of the bronze items in this place have already been featured in other museums across the globe until they were finally placed in this museum. There are also ancient drums which are displayed in Yunnan Provincial Museum. The bronze exhibit also includes incense burner, lamp, mirror, Wuzhu coins and a whole lot more.

One important artifact in Yunnan Provincial Museum is the seal of the King of Dian Kingdom. This serves as proof of how structured and united Yunnan is even during the ancient times. This seal shows the indivisibility of Yunnan as early as 2,000 years ago.

Minority Ornaments and Cultural Pieces

There are also certain items which reflect the rich culture of the minorities, from their clothing to the day to day items that they use. Among the minorities which are represented in Yunnan Provincial Museum are the Dai, Bai, Hani, Blang, De’ang, Pumi, Va, Nu, Achang and Jino. These are just a few of the 22 known minorities within Yunnan.

The copper shellfish which contains sacrificial utensils is one of the most notable items in Yunnan Provincial Museum. This was recovered in ShiZhaishan of Jinning, Yunnan Province. According to historians, this item is something that was used during the Western Han Dynasty.

There is also a copper black peacock. This is an ornamental item which is also authenticated to have originated from the ancient Chinese times.

Aside from the artifacts which are made of metal, there are also clothing, accessories, household utensils and weapons which were used by the minorities.

Being in Yunnan Provincial Museum is a good opportunity to know more about the culture, traditions and history of people in this place.

Solo Adventure Tips:


No. 2, Wuyi Road, the center of Kunming City

How to Get There?

Take No. 4, 5 and 26 buses and get off at Art Theatre.

Ticket Price:

10 CNY

Opening Hours:

9:30 am to 5:30 pm

More Tips:

1. There is a maximum of no more than 1500 tourists every day, including 500 tourists in the morning, 500 tourists in the  afternoon, 500 tourists from other provinces.
2. Tourists should protect public facilities, or they must pay the full price for anything damaged.
3. No smoking and No spitting.

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