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Roasted Er Kuai (rice cake)

Last updated by fabiowzgogo at 2017/6/20

Er Kuai is made of quality rice, pressed into its form after the rice is cooked, so it is called “rice cake”. People usually roast it over a charcoal fire and serve it with some jam on the top. The jam is quite an important part in serving Er Kuai. There are usually three kinds of Erkuai jams: sweet, spicy and preserved beancurd jams. The sweet jams are made of peanuts and sesame seeds; the spicy jam is the typical local chili sauce and preserved beancurd is homemade (definitely much more delicious than those sold in shops). You can ask two kinds of jams for an Er Kuai (first spicy then sweet), and the price is 1 yuan for a piece of Er Kuai.

There are different ways in cooking Er Kuai. You can boil, roast, or oil fry it. Er Kuai is a very popular local dish, and it is indispensable to every household during Lunar New Year family party.