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Zhengyi Road

Last updated by aaron at 2017/6/21

With the length of almost a thousand-meter, Zhengyi Road, in the center of Kunming, consistes of four commercial districts, namely, Wenming District, Weiyuan District, Xiangyun District, and Shuncheng District.

This commercial center with some facilities for leisure and entertainment gathered there plays the roles as entertainment center,  business center, relaxation center, shopping center, stores center, and supper markets center. Modern retail stores,several hypermarkets and supermarket chains, along with proliferating convenience stores, have taken root there.

A great variety of stores in this street supply delicious food and drink, but the stores which serves genuine and various traditional foods of Yunnan in the Xiangyun Street is recommended as well as the Jingxing birds and flower market Street for the items sold in it.