Chenghuang Temple

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The Chenghuang Temple is also known as the City God’s Temple or Yu Garden Market and is located close to the popular Yu Garden. The temple was built during the rule of the Ming Dynasty in the 15th Century. The temple was originally built for honoring Huo Guang, a Han Statesman. Today it is a busy bazaar which specializes in traditional crafts and arts.

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The Chenghuang Temple is also known as the City God’s Temple and was built originally in the Ming Dynasty. The temple is also known as Ji Temple and it got its present day name during the time it was renovated. The temple was once destroyed in fire but had been rebuilt later on. It has a construction area covering 4000 square meters.

The Attractions 

The Chenghuang Temple offers a number of attractions such as the Valiant Hou Square, the Huanlang Theater, the bell tower and of course, the outdoor market for antiques, arts and crafts which have made it so popular for tourists today.

The Halls And Rooms 

The temple has three main gates through which visitors can enter. It also has a main hall, drum and bell towers as well as several wing rooms. Today, the main attraction of the area is the curio market. The market is particularly busy during the Spring Festival each year. 

The History 

The history of the Chenghuang Temple and its market goes back several years. Almost a century ago, the temple attracted thousands of pilgrims that visited the temple for worship. This is when several peddlers started selling their wares to the pilgrims. An old fashioned, popular market slowly developed in the area. Today, the area around the temple and about a mile surrounding it is home to over a hundred shops as well as restaurants. 

A Great Place to Shop

The Chenghuang Temple market is not just a great place to shop for the residents of the area but it is also a place where they can find things that cannot be found anywhere else. There are several authentic restaurants in the area and it is a great place to stroll around and enjoy the beautiful, colorful items on sale. There are many recreational facilities available, buildings with Qing and Ming architecture as well as local folklore to be discovered. 

Traditional Items 

The bazaar around the Chenghuang Temple includes various specialty stores that sell traditional Chinese crafts and arts, souvenirs and medicines. Small stores are huddled around one another and they lay out their collection of items beautifully. 

A Great Place to Find Antiques 

The market near Chenghuang Temple is also a great place to find antiques and curios which cannot be found anywhere else. Perhaps the most popular pedestrian street in the area, this market attracts a lot of tourists. Those who are interested in collecting traditional Chinese souvenirs and antiques should definitely not miss out on this beautiful market. The market is located on Zhangye Road and it is home to various ancient items, calligraphy, Chinese paintings as well as antiques. The beautiful, ancient gateway located nearby is very eye catching and magnificent.  

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Zhang Ye Road, Lanzhou

How to Get There?

1. You may take No.1/6/106/4/75/113/107/137 bus to get off at Xiguan Shizi station, then head on eastwards for 10 minutes.

2. You may take No.6/4/113/107/137 bus to get off at the Centre Square station (or Provincial Government station), then head on westwards for 10 minutes.

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Recommended Time for a Visit: Half a Day

There are many great food stands around the temple where visitors can try grey beans, beef noodles and other traditional Lanzhou cuisine dishes in one of the restaurants nearby.

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