Gansu Provincial Museum

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Covering a construction area of 180000 square meters, Gansu Provincial Museum exhibits a large variety of cultural relics ranging form natural specimens to historical articles and revolutionary relics of the Red Army’s Long March via Gansu, particularly a 4-meter-tall and 8-meter-long fossil of the Yellow River Ancient Elephant and a copy of the mural on bricks of the inner-wall of the tombs of Wei and Jin Dynasties moved from Jiayuguan Pass.

 The museum boasts 75000 cultural relics, of which more than 110 pieces are of the first class and national treasure class, 60 per cent of the pieces are historical relics. It has the features of color-painted pottery, Silk Road treasues in Han and Tang Dynasty and Art Relics of Buddhism. The most prized objects in the museum are the Bronze Galloping Horse, the Yellow River Xiphodon mammoth and the carving calligraphy on bricks in Chunhua, Song Dynasty.

Publications of the Museum include Wuwei Wooden Tablets in Han Dynasty, Gansu Colored Pottery, Studies on Han Wooden Tablets, Binglingsi Grottoes, The Revolutionary Relics of the Red Army’s Long March via Gansu, Calligraghy in Song Dynasty Chunhua, and Calligraphy on Han Wooden Tablets etc.

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It is located in the Xijin xi road, Qi li he District, Lanzhou.

How to Get There?
Take bus No.1/31/32/41/50/51/58.

Ticket Price:

RMB 15

Opening Hours:

09:00am---11:30am, 14:30pm---17:30pm (Tuesday to Saturday) Closed on Monday.

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Recommended Time for a Visit: 2 Hours

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