Golden Heaven Temple

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The temple was built by the King Shuzhuang in the 1st year of Emperor Jianwen (1400), Ming Dynasty. It covers an area of 54 ares. There are four building complexes including Yuantan Si and Xixin Taoist in the east, Thunder Pavillion in the center and Yinwu Si in the west, Yuhuang Pavillion and Lao Tzu Hall in the north Jiuyang Hill. Originally there were 36 pagoda trees planted in Tang Dynasty which were called “36 thunder generals”. Nowadays, only 3 of them and 3 cypress trees of over 120 years were kept. The tallest pagoda tree is 20 meters high and 3 meters wide. There are over a dozen of tablets in Ming and Qing Dynasy standing in the south of the temple. One of the famous tablets is “Bixue Tablet”which marks the concubine of King Shuzhuang.

The Thunder Altar Temple Fair is held on the 8th of the 8th lunar month, so it is the best season to take a tour in the Golen Heaven Temple.

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It is located on the Xijindong Road, Qilihe, Lanzhou.

How to Get There?

Bus No.1/6/31/53/56/58/103/105/106/118/119/122/131/137

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RMB 10

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Recommended Time for a Visit: 3 Hours

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