Green Corridor along Binhe Road

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Along the Binhe Road, visitors may enjoy a series of scenic spots such as the Yellow River, the Statue Pingshaluoyan (wild gooses dwelling on sands), the Statue Bolang(fighting waves), the ancient Silk Road, the Statue of Mother Yellow River, the Statue of the Pilgrimage to the West, Zhongshan Iron Bridge, White Pagoda Hill Park, Waterwheel Garden, etc.When the ancient sheepskin rafts dotted the Yellow River, it often reminds the visitors of the ancient practice of“boasting on the raft, cruising the Yellow River”. In addition, drifting on the rubber gloves along the Yellow River is also a good option. Binhe Road is honoured as the “Huangpu River-Side Boulevard of Shanghai” in Lanzhou. The sculptures and scenery along the Binhe Road have become a must of travel in Lanzhou.

Sculptures: Mother Yellow River, Green Hope, Fighting Waves, Ancient Silk Road, Pingshaluoyan(wild gooses dwelling on sands)

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Binhe Road

How to Get There?
Take No.26 touring bus to have a round trip.

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Opening Hours:
All day

More Tips:

1.Cycle touring is preferable to enjoy the 40-mile scenic gallery. Roasted lamb is found eveywhwere along Binhe Road from west to east. It is on the Muta Street at Xiguan that one may try various Lanzhou delicious snacks.

2.Recommended Time for a Visit: Half a Day

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