White Pagoda Hill Park

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The fabulous White Pagoda was said to be built in honor of a famous Tibetan Lama, who died from sever illness on his way to meet Genghis Khan founder and emperor of the Yuan Dynasty at Lanzhou City.

The pagoda is seven-storied octagonal shaped with a height of 17 meters. The ivory tower is delicately decorated with eight carved figures of Buddha allover and iron reins hanging under all corners of eaves.

The White Pagoda Hill Park occupies an area of more than 8,000 square meters. There are three clusters of ancient buildings standing on top of the mountain. The legendary ‘Three Guarding Treasures of the mountain” are said to be the elephant skinned drum, the bronze bell and the Chinese redbud tree which unfortunately has already extinct.

Undergone a long-term forestation the park now has taken a rather greenly outlook with plantation of luxuriant trees and plants of various kinds. Together with the Zhongshan Bridge built right its foot, this is a must-see scenic spot for visitor to Lanzhou.

Remains of the Wangbaobao City in the Yuan Dynasty are located roughly 1 kilometers east to the White Pagoda Hill. The tale of the township goes like this: tracing back to the Ming Dynasty, General Xuda and General Fengsheng were ordered to attack the Wangbaobao City. They commanded the solders to disguise themselves as the opponents and arm themselves with tambourin and large drums. The solders hence entered the Wangbaobao City without notice; and in collaboration with armies surrounding the city, they took over the city without much resistance. The drums were given the name “the Peaceful Drum” to honor the relatively bloodless victory of this battle and hereafter drumming became the main performance of the Lanzhou Altar Fire. The Wangbaobao City and the “Peaceful Drum” have since had a great reputation throughout history and now a popular tourist spot in the area.

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It is located in the White Pagoda Hill at the northern bank of the Yellow River.

How to Get There?
No.112/136/131 bus.

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1.As is known to all, Lanzhou featured dish is the Lanzhou Beef Noodle. The local residents would recommend other specialties to you, namely the Roasted lamb, Cold noodles, Saozi noodles and stewed noodles. Either in the park or at the restaurants nearby the specialties could be found.

2.Recommended Time for a Visit: Half a Day

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