Zhongshan Bridge

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Zhongshan Iron Brdge roots in the 5th year of Hongwu in Ming Dynasty (1372 A.D.) It was built as a float bridge in 7 miles west of Lanzhou made by Feng Sheng who was a lord of Song. Until the 9th year of Hongwu in Ming Dynasty (1376 A.D.), lord of Wei, Deng Yu moved the float bridge 10 miles west of city and called it Zhengyuan Bridge. In the 18th year of Hongwu of Ming Dynasty (1385 A.D.), Yang Lian, commander of defence army, moved the bridge to where the bridge locates today. Today, there are three “General Poles” left over from that period, which totally weigh 10 tons with a length of 5.8 m for each.

In the 33th year of Emperor Guangxu, Qing Dynasty (1907), with the sponsor of Sheng Yun who was the satrap of Gansu and suggested by Ying Jia who was the Daopeng of Lanzhou, the Qing government spent fund 306,690 taels to build the bridge. Extending for 233.33 meters long and 7.5 meters high, it was the first bridge built on the Yellow River and was first called "Lanzhou Yellow River Iron Bridge". In 1954, Lanzhou People Government had reinforced it and added five steel arc girders what made the bridge looks solid and durable, grandiose as today we see.

Heading southwards from the Yellow Iron Bridge, passing through two bus stations, it is the Xiguan Shizi where there are two well-knowned snack streets. The dish of Lanzhou Dahuicai is one of the famous specialties. First, over a dozen of dishes including noodle and bean curd etc. are stewed well and kept in the pots respectively. While eating, visitors may choose some dishes form each pot and put them together. Then, add the spicy and vinegar for your favour and you may enjoy the special dish of your own.

Adjacent to the flourishing commercial district of Lanzhou, the Yellow Iron Bridge is a fine resort of all year around.

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It is located at the foot of the White Pagoda Moutain.

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Take No.2/4/6/9/13/15/101/102 bus and get off at the Xiguan Shizi station, and then head on 100 metres northwards.

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A whole day

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