Nane Lake

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Nan’e Lake, also known as Qiandao Lake, is 94 kilometers away from Vientiane City. It used to be called Tala reservoir before. The construction of the reservoir lasted 4 years from 1969 to 1972. Most parts of the nearby mountains were flooded by the river and the tops of the mountains out of water formed a number of small islands. Thus, the lake was also named Qiandao Lake (the lake with thousands of islands). The whole lake covers a total area of 390 square kilometers. Nan’e Lake is regarded as the holy sea in the hearts of Laotians as Laotians hardly see seas. During holiday periods, a number of tourists flock there to enjoy the beautiful scenery of the lake by boat and have a taste of the fresh fish with distinctive Laos’ flavor. Furthermore, there is also a holiday village called Tanhu that is located near Nan’e Lake. Tourists can spend the holiday in the holiday village while enjoying the scenery of the lake.

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94 kilometers away from Vientiane City

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