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Pakse is located at the confluence of Mekong River and Sedon River. Pakse is the third largest city of Laos with an area of 10 square kilometers. It is the largest commercial city of Laos with a population of over 40,000. The annual average temperature is 26.4℃. There are 20 ancient temples in the city. Pakse boasts a number of tourist attractions, such as Wat Phou, PhaphoVillage, small chains of islands and Khon Phapheng Falls.

Wat Phou: Wat Phou, an ancient temple in Pakse and located 45 kilometers southwest of Pakse City, is a famous religious ruin in South Laos. It was built by the son of the Khmer king in 949 A.D. and it was built of stones. In front of the gate, there used to be a building, behind which, there were two pools which were the paddling places in the celebration of the royal family.

Phapho Village: Phapho Village, located 67 kilometers south of Pakse City, is a unique tourist attraction for enjoying the scenery of the virgin forests of Laos. In the village, tourists can go sightseeing riding elephants.

Mekong Chains of Islands: Before entering Cambodia, Mekong River is divided into a number of riverways which surround the mountains and form over three thousand small islands. On the islands, the tropical plants flourish and the islands are full of vitality. As a famous tourist resort in Laos, Mekong Chains of Islands boast not only a number of characteristic hotels and bars, but also numerous landscaple, such as Khon Phapheng Falls.

Khon Phapheng Falls: Located 130 kilometers south of Pakse City, Khon Phapheng Fall is the largest waterfall in Southeast Asia. It is very spectacular and magnificent.

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located at the confluence of Mekong River and Sedon River

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