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Vientiane, the capital city of Laos, is the political, economic and cultural centre of Laos. Vientiane has a total area of 13 square kilometers and it’s the largest industrial and commercial city in Laos. Vientiane is located on the river valley plain in the middle reach of Mekong and it’s one of the few capital cities situated on the border. Laotian is their main language and Buddhism is their main religion. Vientiane is an ancient city with a long history dating back to the 4th century BC. Vientiane has been the capital city of Laos for over 500 years. In Vientiane, various temples and the ancient pagodas can be seen everywhere. Vientiane enjoys a tropical and subtropical monsoon climate with annual average temperature of 26℃ and it’s hot and rainy throughout the year. Thus, the trees are dense and evergreen there. The rainy seasons are from May to October and the dry seasons are from November to the following April.

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