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Laos Transport

Last updated by joyce at 2017/6/21

Since the year 1994, with the extension of the Vientiane Airport, traveling in Laos by air is very convenient. Though the air fare is very high, taking the flight is still the safe and convenient vehicle in Laos.

The followings are some airways and the air fare

From Vientiane to the following areas:

Pakse: one flight every day, 95 dollars
Saravan: nonscheduled, 91 dollars
Houeixay: two flights every week, 88 dollars
Meungkong: nonscheduled, 128 dollars

Attapeu: nonscheduled, 130 dollars
Phongsaly: nonscheduled, 87 dollars
Oduomxay: two flights every week, 71 dollars
Savannakhet: one flight every week, 61 dollars
Thakhet: nonscheduled, 57 dollars
Samneua: four flights every week, 70 dollars
Luangamtha: three flights every day, 80 dollars
Lakso: nonscheduled, 50 dollars
XiengKhouang: one flight every day, 44 dollars
LuangPrabang: three flights every day, 55 dollars
Sayaboury: three flights every day, 42 dollars

From Luang Prabang to the following areas:

LuangNamtha: two flights every day, 37 dollars
Oudomxay: two flights every day, 28 dollars
Houeixay: two flights every day, 46 dollars
XiengKhouang: four flights every week, 35 dollars
Phongsaly: nonscheduled, 46 dollars
Xamneua: nonscheduled, 47 dollars

From Pakse to the following areas:

Savannakhet: four flights every week, 44 dollars
Savavan: two flights every week, 33 dollars
Attapeu: nonscheduled, 26 dollars
Khong: nonscheduled, 29 dollars
Laksao: nonscheduled, 78 dollars
Laoksao: nonscheduled, 44 dollars

From XiengKhouang to Xamneua: nonscheduled, 36 dollars
From LuangPrabang to Xayab: nonscheduled, 25 dollars
From Namtha to Houeixay: nonscheduled, 41 dollars
From Houeixay to Oudonxay: nonscheduled, 37 dollars
From Attapeu to Saravan: two flights every week, 33 dollars
From Saravan to Savavvakhet: two flights every week, 44 dollars