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Leshan Food

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Leshan Featured Food:

Chuanchuanxiang (skewered Food)

You may savor the Chuanchuanxiang in small snack shops at the streets of Leshan. You can eat to your heart's content merely by spending less than ten yuan. On the shelves like that of a supermarket, there are hundreds of meat and vegetables. Sheets of thin meat and pieces of fresh vegetables are skewered by thin bamboo splints. Each bunch costs merely 0.1 yuan. It goes with seasonings such as peanuts, sesame, monosodium glutamate, Chinese red pepper and hot pepper, which are mixed in a plate. When settling accounts, the shopkeeper will charge according to the number of the thin bamboo splints on the table where you sit at.   

Emei Dongpa

It is one of the unique cuisines of the E’mei Mountain. It is only made in the two months before the Spring Festival of every year. Its coat is made of fine powder of glutinous rice and sesame seed. The stuffing is pork and bean sprouts, etc. (Sometimes, lard lump is also used as the stuffing.) It is wrapped in leaves and steamed before eating. It tastes very delicious with lingering fragrance in the mouth. The most famous is the Qinglong Huang Dongpa at the west gate of the urban areas.

Vegetarian Feast

The vegetarian feasts made by Buddhist monks of the Baoguo Temple, Wannian Temple and Fuhu Temple are also very famous. They are all made of vegetarian foods such as grey noodles, vermicelli, melons, beans and vegetables. There are a wide variety of dishes, which are made in the shape of all sorts of delicacies on the banquet. Hence, it is hard to distinguish between real ones and artificial ones.

The Buddhism believes that taking vegetarian food may make one have few wants and needs and protect and strengthen one's health. Therefore, Buddhist monks are particular about vegetarian food. It selects the ingredients of bean products, flour, vegetables and fruits, which are made into all sorts of dishes through elaborate craftwork and by the cooking method of steaming, boiling, stir-frying, sautéing and stewing.

They are not only in the shape of fish or meat, but also resemble their flavor, thus looking rather genuine. Tens of dishes are perfect in color, fragrance and flavor, for

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Soft Lotus Cake

Soft Lotus Cake is a traditional Chinese pastry with fine craftwork and unique flavor. Once put in mouth, it will become broken bits without being sticky. It tastes fragrant, crisp, puffy, sweet and delicious. It is oily but not greasy. It is milky white like a lotus. The product is suitable for consumers in different age groups and enjoys a great reputation inside and outside the province.

Stewed Duck

The stewed duck of the E'mei Mountain has got a history of more than 200 years. It is cooked by adopting special secret formula. The stewed duck is red and bright in color. It is neither too fat nor too thin. With tender flesh, fresh taste and tempting fragrance, it goes well with wine.

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