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Leshan Food

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Leshan Featured Food:

Emei Bean Jelly

The bean jelly made of the soy beans produced and the clear mountain spring on the E’ mei Mountain is soft, tender and white, which makes one want to eat. It tastes extraordinarily refreshing when it goes with seasonings such as sesame oil, chili oil, Chinese red pepper, garlic paste and monosodium glutamate. All the hotels and restaurants have this dish. The farm house bean jelly made in Da’e Temple and Shenshui Pavilion of the E’mei Mountain is especially famous.

Qiaojiao Beef Soup Pot

Qiaojiao Beef Soup Pot has become a famous local food with a long history in Leshan. As a medicinal dish, it has the effect of dispelling the cold and relieving a cough according to the Chinese traditional medicinal principle of "nourishing the internal organs of human body with internal organs of animals", which greatly enhances the taste and grade of this famous local dish. After several refinements of Qiaojiao Beef Soup Pot, the flavor of the soup becomes tastier.

Suji Brand Sesame Oil Rice And Sugar

It selects glutinous rice, sesame, peanut kernel, high quality white sugar, pig oil as the main ingredients. Made by traditional craftwork, it forms lumps. It is even and beautiful with novel and unique packaging. The product is creamy, smooth, plump, fragrant, sweet, tasty, crisp, soft and easy to slag with rich nutrition. It is an ideal food and also a superb foodstuff for entertaining guests and presenting a gift, which is well received by consumers.  

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