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The mascot of the E'mei Mountain is a small naughty m. It has a cute name called Xianling, which means that the E'mei Mountain is a fairy mountain and Buddhist kingdom. The small m is the son of the E'mei Mountain, which assimilates the spiritualism and nimbus of the E'mei Mountain. Several M series products are developed based on this prototype. Tourists may select and purchase them at the E'mei Mountain tourist products wholesale center. They are also sold on all stands in the scenic area.

E'mei Tea

E'mei Tea has enjoyed a great fame as early on as the Jin Dynasty. According to the Historical Records of Huayang District, both Nan'an and Wuyang produce famous tea. The Selection of Refined Literature Annotation also has records that E'mei Mountain has many medicinal herbs. Teas are specially excellent and different from others under heaven. E'mei and Xueya was very famous in the Song Dynasty. Su Dongpo, a great writer in the Song Dynasty, has written a poem to give high praise to it.

Zhuyeqing And E Rui Tea

It produces the famous green tea Zhuyeqing and Erui. Of them, Zhuyeqing is picked before the Tomb Sweeping Festival. It is flat, even and emerald green. It looks much the same as the Dragon Well (Longjing) tea of Hangzhou but have different flavor. Tourists who visit the Emei Mountain may choose and buy new tea in late spring and early summer. You had better make a decision whether to buy or not after savoring the tea on the spot if there is a place for making a tea lest you might buy old tea of former years. There are some tea specialty stores on both sides of mountain paths and in urban areas of the Emei Mountain.

Glossy Ganoderma

Glossy ganoderma has been a rare holy medicine on the E'mei Mountain since antiquity. It has the effects of benefiting vital energy, nourishing the heart, soothing the nerves, invigorating the spleen. It applies to mind strain, heart throb, insomnia, deficiency of vital energy, pant, cough, deficiency of spleen and deficiency of food occur.

Jiajiang Preserved Bean Curd

Jiajiang preserved bean curd is one of the famous local specialties in Sichuan Province. It has got a history of more than one hundred and twenty years. It is characterized by strong fragrance, moderate saltiness, tender and delicious taste and rich nutrition. It is thin and easy to slag. When steaming or sautéeing pork, beef and mutton, you may add some gravy of preserved bean curd, which will be another flavor. It provides a perfect accompaniment for the meal.  

Fozhang Ginseng

Fozhang ginseng is a perennial herb of the orchid family. It has rare output. When used as medicine, it is sweet and calm. It is either soaked in wine or boiled. It has the effects of replenishing vital energy, nourishing the blood, stimulating the production of body fluid and quenching thirst. It not only applies to deficiency of the lung, pant, cough, infirmity after illness, neurasthenic and chronic hepatitis, but also is suitable for long-lasting diarrhea, 白滞, deficiency of breast milk.

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