Namtso Lake

Namtso Lake is the second largest salt water lake in China. It is about 4, 718 meters above the sea level, so its name means the sky lake in Tibetan language. Another explanation is from a Tibetan historical literature. It says that the lake is as blue as the sky drop on the ground, so it is call “the sky lake”. It covers an area of 1920 square kilometers, making it the highest large lake.

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The shape of it is like a rectangle and is more than 70 kilometers (about 43 miles) long and more than 30 kilometers wide (about 19 miles). As the highest lake in the world, it is far from the pollution of modern civilization, and maintains its natural state. It is not only the sacred lake to Tibetan Buddhists, but the paradise for visitors.

Namtso Lake


Namtso Lake

The first highlight is the Namtso Lake itself. Every visitors coming to Namutso Lake will firstly be amazed by its pureness. Even they can feel their souls being washed by the clear and pure lake water. Standing by Namtso Lake, visitors will find them in a blue world. The blue lake and the blue sky blend into each other in the far.

The magnificent snow-topped peaks are partly hidden and partly visible in the distance. The weather on the plateau changes all the time: it is sometimes cloudy and sometimes sunny. When the sun shines on the lake, the lake ripples, glistens and creates unique beauty.

Namtso Grassland

Visitors cannot miss the grassland when traveling to Tibet. The boundless Namtso Grassland is a must-see in the Namtso Lake scenic spot. Being on the vast grassland, visitors can see the vivid hares, wild yaks and other wild animals leisure and active around humans. On the grassland, the smoke of cooking gives out from the tents can make visitors be lost in wild and fanciful thoughts and gives visitors the feeling of nature.

Zhaxi Byland

There are five islands standing in the water area. Among them, Zhaxi byland is the largest in area of these five. Visitors can find many odd stones on the byland. Some of them are like trunks; some look like human beings; some resemble trees. Various kinds of vivid shapes can easily arouse your imagination.

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How to Get There?

There are no direct buses to the lake. The best way is to hire a taxi or a mini bus from Lhasa.

Ticket Price:

Busy season: 120Yuan/person (May to October)
Slack season: 60Yuan/person (November to April next year)

Opening Hours:

6:00 to 18:00

More Tips:

The nights are freezing cold even during the summer and the wind can be extremely strong. Take warm clothes and down sleeping bag if you plan to spend a night there, because the tents don't offer sufficient protection against wind.

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